There is some confusion over the ‘ball out of play’ over the touch line.

For managers/coaches who did not attend the workshops to demonstrate the changes in January 2016.
Ball out of play at touch line:

New rule from Xmas:
If the ball goes out of play at the side-line the nearest player will re-commence by passing the ball into play…either by dribbling or kick/pass from the ground.The player cannot score directly from touch line…


There is some confusion over the retreat line.

Retreat Line:

This must be adhere to under the new system…as stipulated in the guidelines from the DDSL & FAI Player Development Plan. It is important that all teams are aware of the system & games are consistent. The retreat line has been introduced to allow players play the ball out from the back & gain confidence.¬†Opposing players must move outside the retreat line when the goal-keeper is taking a kick out or rolling the ball out. Opposing players cannot advance until the ball is received by the full backs etc.¬†However..ONE (1)opponent will be allowed to remain inside the retreat line so as to introduce an element of pressure while others remain outside the retreat line.

The Retreat Line for U10 should be signified by cones & placed 1/3 distance of the field from each end…See page 8 of the FAI development plan booklet…which was issued to all clubs.

All managers/coaches should be fully aware of the system.

Mick Kennedy

SSG Secretary,